Somersham Skate Ramp – your choice!

Somersham Parish Council have two options for our new Skate Ramp, please find two images which are from two different companies we are interested in, and would like your thoughts with your preference. We have been advised that we are limited to space so we cannot move the from the original location. Please feel free to comment below or on, email us at or call us on 01487 841359 stating your preference and a comment.
We have Bendcretes (A) and Mavericks (B)

Santa Somersham Sprint

A big thank you to everyone who helped at the Santa Somersham Sprint on Sunday 8th December, and thank you to all of our runners! (Glad the weather wasnt too bad!)
We had a great turn out and we will be posting the runners results on our facebook page and here this week!