eCops – Huntingdon district burglary update. Can you help?

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Detectives from the burglary team are investigating a number of offences, the following have been reported since 25/06/2017. Can you help provide any information relating to these incidents?

Coldhams Crescent, Huntingdon 20/06/17 12:00 – 25/06/17 18:30. Unknown offenders have attempted to open a garage door damaging it in the process. The garage is situated within a group of garages. (CF0361680617)

Bridge Road, Broughton 27/06/17 22:30 – 28/06/17 08:00. Unknown offenders have broken the lock off a garden shed and stolen a ride on lawn mower and other gardening equipment. (CF0365030617)

Station Road, Tilbrook 28/06/17 09:30 – 28/06/17 11:20. Unknown offenders have forced a front door lock and completed an untidy search of the house before leaving whilst occupants were out. CCTV has shown a red vehicle possibly a Golf in the vicinity of the property at the time of the offence. It is not believed anything has been stolen. (CF0365410617)

Fen Road, Pidley 29/06/2017 07:00 – 29/06/2017 14:15. Between the times shown unknown offenders have forced the locks on two storage containers in an enclosed yard next to the house. Electrical power tools have been stolen. (CF0368410617)

Overend, Elton 29/06/2017 14:00 – 29/06/2017 17:00. Unknown offenders have attempted to force entry to a property through a back door, damaging a lock. They have successfully forced open a rear window and conducted an untidy search of the house whilst the occupants were out. They have stolen keys to a red Audi A5 that has also been stolen. (CF0368170617)

High Street, Warboys 29/06/17 20:00 – 30/06/17 04:00. Overnight a building has broken into and a skylight has been damaged. A commotion was heard in the building. (CF0369760617)

Kimbolton Road, Stow Longa 30/06/17 12:30 – 30/06/17 12:44. Two unknown offenders have forced entry to the rear door of the house and an untidy search has been conducted of the victim’s bedroom. An amount of cash and various items of jewellery have been stolen. Both suspects were witnessed leaving the scene in a red vehicle. (CF0369910617)
Constable Road, St Ives 23/06/2017 11:00 – 30/06/2017 16:30. Whilst the occupants were on holiday unknown offenders have accessed a garden by an unsecured gate and removed beading from a rear utility door. Once inside the offender(s) have conducted a tidy search and have stolen various items of jewellery and family heirlooms. (CF0370330617)

Ansley Way, St Ives 01/07/17 08:00 – 02/07/17 19:00. Whilst occupants were out unknown offenders have accessed a house by a rear first floor bedroom window. An untidy search was conducted and a pearl necklace and tiara have been stolen. (CF0374860717)

Oak Farm Close, Stilton 31/05/17 12:00 – 03/07/17 16:45. Sometime over the five week period unknown offenders have entered a house by a patio door and conducted an untidy search. Multiple TVs and other electrical goods have been stolen and food has been eaten. (CF0377440717)

Drake Close, Hartford 02/07/17 22:30 – 03/07/17 06:30. A detached garage has had its side door forced open. The unknown offenders appear to have used wheelie bins to climb onto the roof to move a security light. Two bicycles have had their locks cut and were stolen. This follows two men acting suspiciously outside the garage earlier on the 2nd. One man was described as being 6ft tall and white with long blonde hair in light coloured shorts and a white T-shirt carrying a red bag. The other man was described to be 5ft 5 white with a shaven head, again in light coloured shorts white a white T-shirt carrying a black rucksack. (CF0375430717)
Anyone who believes that they have seen or heard anything suspicious is asked to call 101, email  or alternatively call Crimestoppers free and anonymously on 0800 555 111. For crime prevention and security advice to help protect yourself against burglary, visit

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