eCops – DISTRICT WIDE – Distraction burglary warning

ecops logoBurglary 3
We are warning of a further attempted distraction burglary in the district, this time in Huntingdon, where the offenders have entered the victims property under the pretence of working for the council. Yesterday afternoon, Thurs, Jan 4th, 2 males have knocked on the door of a property in Avenue Road, Huntingdon with some force. The victim has opened the door and the males have identified themselves as council workers, there for the purposes of pest control. The males have pushed their way into the property, and into the hallway, however, as the occupant has become distressed the males have left and nothing has been taken.

The first male is described as white, late teens – early twenties, of medium build with a round face. He was unshaven with short styled facial hair. He was wearing dark clothing which included a black jacket with a green trim around the cuffs. He spoke with a local accent.
The second male is described as white, mid to late teens, of a slim build wearing similar dark clothing.

We are advising residents that are elderly or otherwise vulnerable not to answer their door unless they know who the person is, ask the caller to provide ID and ask them to wait outside whilst you call the company or organisation that they purport to work for.

Lee Hurley (7293)
Online Communities PCSO


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