Bugs Life Wild play & Picnic with Somersham & Pidley Time Bank and Somersham Nature Reserve

A fantastic turn out saw yesterday (24th August 2016) plenty of children catching bugs and identifying them, making pipe-cleaner bugs even having their faces painted with bugs on them! A fun sweet stall was there to create edible bugs! we made lots of spiders and even some caterpillars! (We had some sea-creatures too at one point! A jelly fish and a crab!!) the competition for the best veggie bug was very popular too, and congratulations to everyone! They were amazing!

Thank you to all the mums and dads, aunts and uncles and even granny’s and grandpa’s bringing the family along (The dogs too!) to have lots of fun in the sun and with the wildlife. Hope we can see you again next year, and at our next event!

Let’s Go Batty!

In case anyone hasn’t seen the posters around the Reserve entrances – there’s going to be a Bat Walk!

Come along and learn about what is going on around us when it gets dark, and hear, using hand held equipment provided, the bats using their high-pitched noises to find their way and find their prey.

Somersham Bat Walk