Interesting opportunities with Carer’s Trust


Vandalism at the Nature Reserve & lake

It is very sad to report vandalism to memorial seats and public notices at Somersham’s Nature Reserve and lake area. This has caused distress not only to the volunteers who do their best to keep the area looking beautiful but particulary to the families who have placed seats in remembrance of their loved ones.

If you see anyone vandalising property at the Nature Reserve or anywhere else in the parish, PLEASE dial the Police on 101 and report this as we need to stop this appalling behaviour from continuing.

Get Creative!

Changing Lives are holding a lovely event next week, a Creative Coffee Morning. The activities will be run by Doddington based artist Syrah Arnold. Syrah says “It’s the creative journey that matters; when people stop worrying about the end result all sorts of wonderful things start to happen! I have worked with so many people who think at first that they cannot draw or paint, and then they come to realise that once they let go of their fears around their expectations and that dreaded word ‘ART’, they are able to relax and have fun playing with materials. Every time without fail participants go away surprised at what they are capable of. All it takes is the act of having fun and tapping into that inner child, and then non-artist adults will discover that actually they too are creative!”

The event is on Tuesday 21st November at 10am at the Millennium Pavilion, The Trundle, Somersham, PE28 3JS and is open to anyone living in Somersham, Colne, Bluntisham, Earith, Pidley, Warboys, Broughton, Old Hurst and Woodhurst.

Please share details of this event to anyone you know who would like to get out and try something new. The session costs just £3 and transport can be provided. Pleas call 01487 841359 for more information.