Charity Challenge For Pc In Memory Of Daughter

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A police officer laced up his walking shoes at the weekend and is now in the middle of a charity challenge in memory of his daughter.
In 2015 PC Graham Floyd sadly lost his daughter who, for eight years, battled a debilitating brain tumour.
Graham, based at Thorpe Wood Police Station, aims to raise awareness of brain tumours after his daughter Natasha passed away at the age of 24. She was first diagnosed when she was 16.
Graham said: “On 1 December 2015 my daughter Natasha died in my arms from a brain tumour. The tumour took a happy, achieving 16-year-old girl and in the space of 48 hours made her totally blind and terminally ill.
“Before this, Natasha was misdiagnosed for eight months which caused her to lose her sight completely. 
“Although an early diagnosis would not have changed the terminal outcome, it would have allowed her to live her remaining years as any other young woman.”
At the end this month Graham, 52, was due to take part in a 62-mile charity walk across the Atlas Mountains and into the Sahara to raise money for the Brain Tumour Charity.
However, Graham’s shoulder was recently injured while making an arrest on duty and as a result he is currently unable to travel abroad. Undeterred, Graham will instead be taking on a similar challenge in the UK.
Graham is now in the middle of a challenge he calls the Great Fenland Police Plod, where he will be walking 74 miles in four days between four different police stations. 
He said: “I will be doing this challenge alone and I will be walking carrying a 5ft pole with a flag and carrying a bucket for donations.”
Graham started his trek at Peterborough Police Station on Saturday (23 February) and hiked to March Police Station.
On Sunday he continued onto Ely Police Station and on this day, his journey included a swim across the New Bedford River opposite Straight Drove in Coveney.
Today (25 February) Graham will walk from Ely to Parkside Police Station in Cambridge. 
His charity challenge will finish tomorrow (26 February) at force HQ in Huntingdon – the day of his 53rd birthday. 
Graham added: “Before she passed away Natasha’s last wish was for her whole brain to be donated for research, and it was. 
“I would love others to donate and help continue funding this vital work, because it’s true that every penny really does count. 
“Your help will have a direct and positive effect on the work research scientists at the Brain Tumour Charity are carrying out. 
“So far Natasha’s brain has allowed the team to make significant discoveries about the type of tumour and its characteristics. 
“At the moment there is no cure, and no treatment beyond making the inevitable more comfortable. We can change this.”

For more information about Graham’s police plod challenge, or to donate, visit his JustGiving page by clicking here:
The Brain Tumour Charity funds research into brain tumours globally. 
The charity is committed to saving and improving lives, with the aim of helping every single person affected by a brain tumour. 
Graham is also supporting HeadSmart, an awareness campaign funded and promoted by the charity.
The campaign works to improve diagnosis times by informing and empowering parents and professionals to spot the early signs and symptoms of brain tumours.
Sarah Lindsell, chief executive of The Brain Tumour Charity, said: “Since Graham lost Natasha – who was a much-loved Young Ambassador for The Brain Tumour Charity as well as a cherished daughter and friend – he’s inspired all of us here to keep doing whatever we can every single day to spare other families from the devastation he and his wife have faced.

“Graham may describe himself on his fundraising page as ‘unfit and overweight’ but he’s also fiercely determined.

“I have absolutely no doubt he’ll plod (and swim) on until he reaches Huntingdon, even if the going gets tough. We’re immensely grateful to him and to everyone who supports his efforts along the way.”

For more about the Brain Tumour Charity, visit their website at:

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Tara Cox (corporate communications) 
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Weekly Policing update

Good Afternoon, Somersham District Members –

Here is our weekly summary of offences and incidents affecting your community, reported to police during the period 15th to 21st February:

High Street, Somersham – Thieves broke into a business on Somersham High Street overnight on Thursday 14th / Friday 15th February by forcing open a door at the back of the building. Once inside they stole six charity boxes, damaged a pool table and fruit machines, and took cash and bottles of alcohol. Scenes-of-crime officers have attended as part of the investigation. (Ref 35/11002/19)
A141 Old Hurst Road – Police were called to a collision involving four cars on the A141 near Old Hurst early on Wednesday morning, 20th February. Fortunately no-one was hurt although two of the vehicles needed to be towed away from the scene. (Ref CC-20022019-0062)

To see details of Policing Summaries for neighbouring areas, please click on the following link and scroll down the page to select areas of interest:

Please be aware that these reports do not contain all details of all reported crime. We do not publish details of domestic related offences or anything which may put a person at risk if information regarding the crime was made public.

As always, if you have information relating to any offence, or are concerned about any suspicious activities, please contact police by using any of these methods:

  the ‘101’ non-emergency telephone number;
 the on-line web-chat tool on the new Cambridgeshire Constabulary web-site – click on the green icon;
 Alternatively, you can use ‘Crimestoppers’ to make a report anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or by using their on-line contact form.
In an emergency, or if you witness a crime in progress, always use ‘999’.

Best Wishes,

Chris Shaw, PSV

St Ives Police Station
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Chris Shaw (Police, PSV – Online Communities, Huntingdonshire – St Ives)

Tenancy Deposit Scheme Alert

Tenancy Deposit Scheme Alert

Action Fraud have received several reports where fraudsters are claiming to be landlords of properties offered for rent online. Prior to a viewing the suspect requests that the individuals pay a deposit and sometimes a month’s rent upfront, claiming that this money will be put into the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, and is therefore protected under government legislation.

After the individual pays the money, the suspect sends a bogus email purporting to be from the Tenancy Deposit Scheme confirming they have received their deposit. However, this is not the case as the money was sent directly to an account associated with the suspect and the victim is left out of pocket and without the home they had thought to be putting a deposit on.

What You Need To Do Always make sure you, or a reliable contact, has viewed the property with an agent or landlord before agreeing to rent a property. Don’t be rushed or pressured into making a decision. Only transfer funds when you’re satisfied a genuine property, safety certificates and valid contract are in place. Only pay for goods or service by bank transfer if you know and trust the person. Payments via bank transfer offer you no protection if you become a victim of fraud. Once you’ve paid your deposit, you can check whether it’s protected by entering your tenancy deposit certificate code on TDS website (
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Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

Vandalism at the Norwood Playing Field on Wednesday evening 13th February

Sadly, we have experienced vandalism to the floodlights at the multi sports area on the Norwood Playing Field (near to the Victory Hall) which has spoilt the facility for all Somersham users.

The youths have broken one of the floodlight columns by climbing and shaking it causing the column to break and cut out the electricity; despite the high probability of causing themselves serious injury and /or electrocution.

These youths have caused a costly amount of damage to an important village facility at the expense of the local tax payers in Somersham and we urge anyone who knows anything about this to come forward.

If you have any information of the crime or the culprits please share this with the Police and contact them using the Crime Reference CC-13022019-0432

101 – non-emergency Police telephone number

Youth Club update

Somersham Junior Youth Club will start back on 18th February following half term, however, due to declining numbers it has been necessary to close senior youth club for the foreseeable future.

Junior Youth Club is back next week, below are the next few dates for your diaries!

Monday the 18th of February 

Monday the 8th, 15th and 22nd of April

Monday the 27th of May

Lonely Hearts Romance Fraudster Alert

The NFIB have become aware of techniques used by romance fraudsters against people using dating sites. Not only will they steal your heart they will steal your money and your identification. 

When you think you’ve met the perfect partner through an online dating website or app, but the other person is using a fake profile to form a relationship with you. They’re using the site to gain your trust and ask you for money or enough personal information to steal your identity. 

A dating fraudster, previously involved in deceiving people that wanted a friendship explained how they would create fake accounts with social media platforms so that their details matched and could be searched. By appearing to be a real person their fake persona could be corroborated by prospective partners searching their background and believe them to be genuine. The fraudster said:

“People like to live in fairy tales to say it won’t happen to me. I make sure all my conversations are bespoke. I will show insecurity myself about trusting people and this helps allude to them that I’m genuine.”

The fraudster will also utilise as many accessible online research tools to explore people’s information for their own personal gain or sell onwards. The fraudster elaborated and explained:

“I use various online directories to find out about the person. Once I have enough, I use it to milk everything I can using their details or sell them on to other fraudsters via the dark web”

When asked how people could check if a person is real. The romance fraudster offered advice for others searching for a relationship. They told us that after you see a picture of them: 

“Ask for them to send you another photo of themselves posing with their thumbs up or waving. It’s like a form of 2 factor authentication and makes it hard to do if it’s not an original picture”

What you need to do

· Avoid sharing too many personal details when on online dating profiles. Revealing your full name, date of birth, or full home address may lead to your identity being stolen.

· Never respond to any requests to send money, or have money transferred into your account by someone you don’t know and trust. These types of requests should always raise a red flag. If something feels wrong then it is usually right to question it.

· Pick a reputable dating website or app, and use the built-in messaging service. Fraudsters want to quickly switch to social media or texting so there’s no evidence of them asking you for money.
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Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

A14 Huntingdon Cambridge – road closures week commencing 18th February

 Road closures information for w/c 18 February, in relation to the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme.

Please note the below changes to this weekend’s closures:


  • Conington Road

*Additional*  For emergency maintenance works

Saturday 16th 9pm – 6am

  • A14 eastbound between St Ives junction 26 and Girton junction 31

Sunday 17th 9pm – 6am

  • M11 northbound junction 14 to A14 westbound Fenstanton junction 27

A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire: major improvements
Construction work on the new A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon scheme is
underway. We are currently carrying out a variety of tasks for which we need to close lanes or carriageways on the A1, A14 and some local roads at times, usually overnight between 8pm and 6am, unless otherwise stated. A clearly signed diversion route will always be in place for closures.
For this week, the planned closures are:

Full closures
Monday 18 to Friday 22 (five nights)
 A1 northbound between Buckden and Alconbury
Vehicles will travel east on the A428, north on the A1198, west on the
A14 and then north on the A14 link road to re-join the A1
 A1 southbound between Alconbury and Buckden
Vehicles will be diverted south on the A14 link road, then east on the
A14, south on the A1198 and west on the A428 to re-join the A1
 A428 eastbound Madingley to A14 eastbound Fen Ditton junction 34
Motorway traffic will travel south on the M11, east on A505 and north on
A11 to re-join the A14. Non motorway traffic will be diverted on local
roads through Cambridge.
 M11 junction 14 exit slip
 A14 westbound between Six Mile Bottom junction 36 and Girton
junction 31
Motorway traffic will travel south on the A11, west on the A505 and then
north on the M11. Non motorway traffic will diverted on local roads through Cambridge

Saturday 23 5am to Monday 25 5am
 A1 northbound between Buckden and Brampton Hut
Vehicles will be diverted east on the A428, north on the A1198 and
west on the A14 to re-join the A1 at Brampton Hut.

Saturday 23 to Sunday 24 (two nights)
 M11 junction 14 to A14 westbound Fenstanton junction 27
Vehicles will be diverted west on the A428 then north on the A1198 to
re-join the A14 at Godmanchester.
 A14 westbound to westbound Girton junction 31 loop
 A1307 outbound

For more information about this scheme, visit, or stay updated by following us on and https://engb.