Coming soon to Somersham4u….The Somersham4u groups tab will be the place to visit to get all the information on the groups and organisations in Somersham.

9 thoughts on “Groups

  1. Friends of Somersham Library and Somersham Reading Group are both very active groups, and would like to give information online about out groups. We look forward to seeing the Somersham4u groups tab going live.

  2. Somersham Playtime Club is a lovely group for parents and children aged 0-3 years and we would love to be able to get our numbers up through the Somersham4u website. What a marvellous idea! Thank you!

  3. Hi, we would like our club to be included in the groups tag please if possible.

    Somersham Art Club meets every Tuesday afternoon at the Victory Hall from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. To date we have fourteen members but are always looking for new members. We dabble in watercolours, Acrylics and pencil drawings but any medium can be used. For beginners we also have a large supply of reference books to browse or borrow.

    The club is made up of complete beginners to proficient artists who will offer help if needed, they all get on very well and enjoy each others company and are a very friendly bunch of people.

    Anyone interested in joining please either turn up on the day or if preferred ring Shan Hill on 01487 840754 who runs the group. Sessions are £2.00 each and include tea, coffee and biscuits.

  4. I live in St Ives and have previously been to an art class in Godmanchester that I felt was a little competitive, I would like to be advised/helped by other artists,I have all the tools of the trade just need help to use them, is this something I could look forward to you with your group?

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