A special volunteer needed at the Victory Hall

We are looking for a new treasurer to join our team.
Do you know of anyone who lives in Somersham and has experience of keeping accounts for e.g. a small business or school, etc.

The Victory Hall is used by over 400 people every week so plays an important role in the life of the village.
Our committee meets on the second Tuesday evening each month.

If you (or somebody you know) might be interested in volunteering for this worthwhile post, please phone Lesley on 841837 for more details.


Vandalism at the Nature Reserve & lake

It is very sad to report vandalism to memorial seats and public notices at Somersham’s Nature Reserve and lake area. This has caused distress not only to the volunteers who do their best to keep the area looking beautiful but particulary to the families who have placed seats in remembrance of their loved ones.

If you see anyone vandalising property at the Nature Reserve or anywhere else in the parish, PLEASE dial the Police on 101 and report this as we need to stop this appalling behaviour from continuing.